PTE for study

Why one should give PTE the Preference while planning to study in Australia?

Pearson Test of English is a standardized test which assesses a non-native English speakers’ proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking the language. On successfully passing the exam a student can acquire for himself immigration and student visa for studying abroad. Major countries like the U.K., the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and Canada accept PTE scores. (more…)

PTE Exam Preparation Time, Things to Carry and Final Exam tips

PTE Exam: Preparation Time, Things to Carry and Final Exam tips

PTE is evolving to be one of the best English proficiency tests at the moment. This examination is administered by the Pearson English group. It is gaining success in the field of all other proficiency tests which enables a student to take admission abroad. PTE examination ensures a good future for your career if you choose it.

So, here’s everything  you need to know before you sit in the exam – (more…)

Smart Tips to Crack PTE Writing and Speaking Section

Smart Tips to Crack PTE Writing and Speaking Section

Various foreign universities use PTE score to analyze your abilities in the English language. The PTE academic test has four modules, consisting of listening, writing, reading and speaking. Scoring in the reading and listening section is far easier than scoring in the speaking and writing section. You need to be extra careful and have full grip  while you are solving the writing and speaking section during the test. After successfully solving in both section, you will crack PTE exam easily. (more…)

Fill in the Blanks - PTE Reading

PTE Reading Section Tips: How to Master ‘Fill in the Blanks’ Part?

PTE English examination is divided into four parts, namely – reading, listening, speaking and writing assessments. The ‘Fill in the Blanks’ section of the PTE reading test is a bit tough to acquire full marks on it.

In this portion, the aspirants would see some blank boxes which consist of the missing words. The students have to intelligently choose the correct word from this box and have to make the sentence complete. Though this fill in the blanks may appear to be simple but understanding its content is a bit difficult. (more…)