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25 Most-Probably Asked Questions for PTE Academic Aspirants

Pearson Test Of English (PTE) Academic English language test is for those, who are willing to study abroad. Through this post, you will come to know most of the evergreen questions of PTE Academic exam.

PTE Exam Structure

In PTE Academic, writing skills are analyzed on two levels. One of which is writing the Essay-type task, in which content plays an important role. It is counted in highly-marked questions, carrying 3 points. The points are distributed, for content primarily, second priority is given to the requirement, and third is for the coherence of structure and development, and so on. And know about the Scoring pattern of PTE Academic.

List of PTE Academic Questions

To simplify, we have listed a few possible questions that are repeatedly asked in PTE academic exam. Though the questions may change, topics remain similar. Here’s the list:

  1. Would you prefer scientific study to gain knowledge, only or you would like to apply it in particular field?

  2. Do you think, with the technology advancement, the use of computers is replacing the role of teachers in the field of education?

  3. Do you agree that region affects the success of a person? Support your answer with your real life experience.

  4. Discuss and take a stand on how the crime would reduce – with moral lessons or severe punishments?

  5. Do your support that glamorous film stars and successful spot stars act as role model for coming generation?

  6. Who should be held responsible for increased disease and health problems caused by polluted environment? Individual, organizations or government?

  7. Do you agree that illiterates of the 21st century are not those who cannot write and read, but the people who do not know how to learn, unlearn and relearn?

  8. Support your viewpoints on English Language persisting as a global language despite globalization?

  9. Do you support adventurous games like extreme skiing bungee jumping and others? And why

  10. TV has become a primary need of life which spreads awareness & news and often acts as a companion in isolation. What do you think?

  11. Effects on social media on individual and society, is it justifiable or not? How to social media affects changes in opinion?

  12. Talk about any recent invention and its effect as a boon or curse for the society.

  13. How would you appraise formal written as a good way to assess learning at the school level?

  14. Express your views on – “In a conflict with ideas, it is people who suffer the most.” Do you think common man undergoes utmost suffering from a group’s dogma?

  15. The minority is always right”. Do you agree with this point? If yes, then support your answer with relevant example?

  16. Would you like to have a same routine daily, or prefer changes? Support your answer.

  17. The lists of animal that are either entering into an endangered list or on the verge of extinction, are continually increasing. Describe the reason and the possible solution for this?

  18. Elaborate “Actions speak louder than words.”

  19. Do you think to renovate a worn out building is worth it, even if its expenses are too expensive to be handled by the owner? Give reasons and examples of your own experience

  20. Euthanasia/suicide is no longer permitted by the laws of modern society.” Discuss the impact and its solution.

  21. With the upsurge of the use of mobile phones and computers, people likely prefer it over letter writing. Due to which traditional letter writing skill will soon fade completely. To what extent do you support? Can you count the importance of letter writing?

  22. Living and working abroad introduces us other cultures as well. How would you support the impacts of working overseas in our cultural lives?

  23. Travelling abroad to study is overrated whereas scholars proved themselves in local school/universities. Comment on the worth of traveling abroad for higher studies.

  24. Tourism in developed countries has some disadvantages. Support the statement with your opinion.

  25. High-level jobs are for men. How far is it relevant? Should governments encourage reservation in jobs or not?

Here is an example of how to write the answers. Say your topic is related to technology. Then, do not forget to add these points to your response:

Technology-Boon or Curse


Positive effects- lives easier – online banking, smart cars, entertainment- TV, mobiles. Keeps us updated, advanced machines, improved health sector, E-Commerce development, online studies, robotics.


Affect health adversely, online games for children, cyber warfare, virtual reality, isolated generation, sedentary lifestyle, replaced physical activities, a distraction for students, computerized minds.

Jot all these points and add your creativity to form a well-presentable essay.

Or, let’s say – you are given with the topic ‘Reservation’ and you are in opposition. Here’s how you can write it:

Reservation – good or bad

Bad, Backward class’s elite getting reservations- unqualified teachers, doctors- cash benefits, injustices, class system, discrimination, uneven benefits, corrupt politics, promoting casteism, not of any use for poor, worse implementation policies, violence, antagonist approaches,  Lack of educational progress 

By preparing these questions, you will understand the pattern of PTE Examination. It will help you pass the exam with ease. Ask us for any help, if you are facing issues in clearing your PTE Academic test or in filling the form. Comment to get a reply soon, or drop an e-mail. Buy PTE Voucher at Lowest price in our platform.