5 Right tricks to 'Summarize Written Text' during PTE Exam

5 Right tricks to ‘Summarize Written Text’ during PTE Exam

In the current scenario, studying abroad is something that is simple than ever before. Many students are recognizing PTE as one of the best exams to prove their English language proficiency before studying abroad.  You might have no idea but PTE is now accepted by almost all the universities across the globe. Another leading benefit is its quite easy in many aspects as compared to other exams meant for testing the English language skills of a candidate. However, the most common issue faced by students in PTE is summarizing the written text.

Many students found writing section as very difficult. As a student, you need to write 2 or 3 summaries in total. Without knowing how to keep up the pace in this matter, it is not possible for students to score good marks.

Below are some useful tricks to help you summarize written text during PTE exam in the perfect manner.

1. Pay attention to key points only

As a reader, you will be expected to pay attention to the key points of the paragraph. Most students fail to identify the same. There is no need for you to consider all the points in your summary. Understand the difference between the main point and supportive text. This definitely boosts your PTE score up to a good extent.

2. Avoid complex sentences/words

One of the biggest mistakes made by students while summarizing PTE written text is using complex words and sentences. You must understand that summary must be simple and straight words with no complex words and sentences. Lengthy sentences always boost the chances of mistakes and therefore you must pay special attention to this fact.

3. Practice mock test

This is one of the very useful tricks to consider if you actually need to derive the best summary from PTE written text. There are many websites on the internet which allow you to practice them totally free of cost.

4. A good summary is always written in third person form

Using “I” or “We” in your PTE summary is not allowed. If you use them, possibly you are losing marks. The general rule is summary must be written in the language of a third person.  It is advisable to you to be very careful with the grammatical mistakes. Read about 5 mistakes you should avoid during PTE exam

5. Time managing tip

One of the very important tips for writing summary during PTE exam is imposing deadlines on every sub-task. You are recommended to spend around 3 minutes to plan your text. The next 5 to 6 minutes must be spent on writing and during pending time, simply check for your mistakes related to vocabulary or grammar.

It must be noted that as a student you will be given 10 minutes for summarizing a written text. As per experts, summary in the PTE exam has a word limit of 75, but a good one is always under the word limit of 40 to 55. Although you are free to summarize text in your own words but considering above tips always ensure better scores.

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