Most-commonly Asked Queries: Speaking and Writing Section of PTE Academic

We have observed many of the PTE aspirants facing troubles in speaking and writing section. Considering that there are so many queries, running in your brain before giving this exam, PTEVoucherCode has thought to resolve those all.

Here are the most common queries, the PTE aspirants ask:

1. What types of questions are asked in PTE Speaking Test and what is the exam duration?

Questions can be of five types in PTE Exam and you will get around 30 to 35 minutes to complete this section, namely – Describe image, Re-tell lecture, Repeat sentence, Read Aloud & Answer short question.

2. Do I need to use native English accent?

It’s not important; whatever you speak should be clear. PTE accepts many accents.

3. Do I need to use more complex sentences?

Don’t indulge yourself in more complexities by making sentences unnecessarily intricate. Present your writing skills appropriately.

4. Can I score high by being fluent?

Fluency may fluctuate or flicker your voice, due to which your recorded voice will become indecipherable and senseless. In fact, if you try to maintain fluency, you may utter irrelevant words leading to meaningless sentences and lack of confidence. So, maintain your natural pace to be clear.

5. Will I lose marks, if I don’t copy repeat sentences questions as it is?

Probably, it is meant to be repeated as it is, nevertheless, if you miss one or two words and maintain fluency then it would be fine.

6. While quoting a person, is it compulsory to use exact words?

Quoting is writing what is already said, i.e., you are repeating what is already said by someone else, so, how can you change his/her words. So, either don’t quote it and write it in your words or quote it as it is.

7. What If I don’t maintain word limit while writing an essay type question?

It is clearly mentioned in for PTE Academic writing exam details that your answer should be lying strictly in the word limit of 200 to 300.

8. Can I improve my score by using extensive vocabulary?

If your sentence is contextually incorrect then vocabulary is of no value. That means if you are using upgraded synonyms but they are inept to express the meaning of the sentence then you shouldn’t use them. Avoid repetitions and try to write natural and simple wherever possible.

9. Which skills do I need to improve, in order to clear PTE academic?

Your clarity, fluency, accuracy are examined by an oral exam.  This exam includes accent, intonations, grammatical errors, fillers, coherency, vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure and other values. So, it is better to work on these.

10. What if I forget to add introduction and conclusion to the essay?

The format and structure devised by PTE examiners should be followed strictly wherein essay is marked with its intro, middle and conclusion. So if you don’t want to lose marks, write it in the same format.

11. How can I score good marks in PTE Writing Test?

Your coherency and sentence formation and formatting ability are examined. This includes vocabulary spelling and grammar usability. Your points must be coherent, intelligible and supportive to your answer. Having strong grip on these can help you score good marks.

12. How will the long pauses affect my speaking score?

A 3-second pause can switch your recorded off, which means whatever you spoke, had not recorded. Your pauses can affect your score badly.

13. Am I supposed to mention all the details I found in ‘Describe Image’ question, even if it’s containing too much information?

No, just describe the relevant and important information that you find, should not be missed.

14. What is the Exam Structure for PTE Writing Test?

There are only 2 parts of PTE Speaking Section, which are:

  • Summarize written text – It asks you to write a comprehensive summary of given text. (10 minutes)
  • Write essay – In this, you will have to draft an essay as per the given topic or question. (20 minutes)

By having all the knowledge of syllabus and getting all queries resolved, you can focus solely on your PTE preparation, rather than finding the ways to resolve your confusions. After preparation, if the costs of this proficiency test make you worried, you can buy PTE Voucher to save a decent amount of money.