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How a Native English Speaker Failed the PTE Speaking Test?

The PTE English test is quite a challenging examination for everybody whether you are a native English speaker or not for PTE Speaking. Even if you are a native English speaker and you fail to prepare well due to overconfidence then it would obviously lead you to face failure in this proficiency test too!  It may also happen that you may fail the PTE speaking test, especially if not the other sections. There are reasons why a native English speaker may fail the PTE speaking test. Improving PTE speaking required a lot of practice and strategy.

These reasons are listed below:

1. You Need to Speak Up:

While you are giving the PTE speaking skill test you need to be clear and loud enough so that the microphone is able to record every single word and expression of yours. This PTE online test is evaluated by a computer which is a machine and does not have any human qualities to show pity if you are not clear enough on the microphone! By doing this you can improve your PTE speaking score.

A human being is not there to analyze your voice so you should be clear and loud demonstrating your language skill supremely even if you are disturbing your co-examination takers. Another thing you should do is first, listen to yourself when you speak on the microphone and ensure that the machine is working properly.

There may be background noise while you record your voice, or your voice may echo while you are recording it. Make sure you inform the authority of the center about this issue. If you fail to do that or ignore this then you might fail this section of the examination.

2. Do Not Be Fazed While Giving the Examination:

While you are giving an examination among hundreds of students you might get tensed seeing people talking on the microphone and clicking furiously on their keyboards. To relax you should do the following things:

  • Start off with some breathing exercises before you start giving the test. Just close your eyes and focus on your breath and not on the surrounding noises. Keep breathing until you have fully calmed yourself.
  • It is highly advisable that you should not drink anything before you start your test. For example, if you have coffee before your examination then the caffeine may have a stimulating effect on you and can improve your speaking and your confidence as well.

This effect may lead you to have less concentration while you are giving the test. This, in turn, may divert you from the main topic while you are speaking on the microphone. So avoid eating or drinking just before you start your test.

3. Always Be Organized:

To acquire a good score on the PTE test you should actually be very organized. If you are not organized enough you won’t be able to cope with the format of the Speaking skill test. You are just given 7 to 10 seconds before you start recording. You do not even get enough time to jot down some important points which would help you to speak spontaneously when you are being recorded.

So, you need to have an organized thought process in those few seconds before you are recorded. You maybe be confident enough to speak at the nick of the moment as you are a native speaker but it actually does not happen that way! So, to avoid this mistake and to improve the PTE speaking score you need to keep these things in mind.

You end up giving facts in the wrong order and all your information is a total mess and you lack an organized explanation of a simple topic which is given to you to speak about. People who are doing PTE training should regularly practice jotting down important points and organizing them in the simplest sequential order which will result to improve PTE speaking.

Even if you are a native English speaker just do not be overconfident and really prepare well to avoid encountering failure in this PTE academic test.

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