6 Full-proof methods of strengthening your Vocabulary Database

6 Full-proof methods of strengthening your Vocabulary Database

Communicating in the English language has become the need of every hour in the current scenario. Actually building and strengthening vocabulary is extremely important if one needs to keep up the pace in PTE exam. There are certain ways to help you have a good vocabulary.

Before you start working on improving your vocabulary, it is important to understand that it’s all about words. Using or stuffing right words in a sentence is one of the key principles to build a good vocabulary. There are some other basic methods that can help a lot in this matter. Check out the top 6 methods below to help you.

Read Newspaper daily

This is one of the simplest methods of strengthening your vocabulary database. Newspaper often has crispy news and articles. Reading those can surely boost your glossary of words. There are even crossword puzzles published on daily basis. It hardly takes a few minutes to solve them but you can learn a lot of new words. Also because it’s a game and you can have fun solving it, there are very less chances to forget what you learn.

Learn 3 to 5 new words daily

It is quite true that only rule that guarantees success in this matter is “slow and steady win the race”. Learning at least 3 to 5 new words daily significantly increase your word-stock within 2 months. So adopt this method at least 70 days before your PTE exam.

Engage yourself in English conversations

Engaging yourself in conversations can boost your vocabulary up to a good extent. Try to communicate in English most of the time. A self-debate through mirror would be a good idea. This method wouldn’t just improve your database of words but at the same time also boost your confidence which ensures better marks in PTE.

Keep a dictionary

A dictionary is always the best friend of a person who needs to improve his/her vocabulary. There is no need for you to keep a hard copy but simply install an app on your smartphone and introduce yourself to new words.   

Read and repeat

Well, this is another powerful method to have a strong vocabulary. When it comes to reading, obviously there is no strict upper limit on the material. You can go ahead with online articles, magazines and as already mentioned, newspapers are also helpful. Don’t expect words to stay in your mind just because you read them once. Therefore repetition is also necessary.

Read vocabulary building books

Books are always amazing when it comes to improving your language skills. A lot of books are available on the internet and is written in a very simple language. Buying one and start reading it can simply add a ton in your overall English language skills.  

All above-listed methods are quite reliable and simple to consider. However, you need to keep this thing in your mind that there is no quick-fix available when it comes to building vocabulary or improving language skills. Therefore practice is the only thing that can help.

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