Mistakes to Avoid During the PTE Academic Exam

5 Mistakes to Avoid During the PTE Academic Exam

PTEVoucherCode has assessed a number of students who took the PTE academic exam yet. It is observed that the aspirants make the same mistakes over and over again. You obviously don’t want to repeat the mistakes made by those students.

So, here are the 5 common mistakes you should avoid during the PTE academic exam:

1) Your increased speed of speaking in the PTE Academic exam:

It is often that students think ‘fast is fluent’. But it’s totally wrong. It may happen that they speaking fast due to increased tension. But you should avoid speaking so fast which will give you better results in your speaking score in PTE Test. You should, at first, improve your breathing capacity while you record your answer.

2) You use too many types of filler:

Often students use words such as ‘um’ or ‘aaa’ when they try to search for words to be spoken. This takes away the maximum score by the PTE Academic examiners in their speaking evaluation. You should always prepare a format in which you would speak during the PTE Academic exam to avoid this problem.

3) You use the preposition ‘About’ too frequently:

One of the common mistakes made by students is they use the word ‘about’ after verbs frequently. It is one of the basic grammatical errors made by the students for which they get penalized by PTE Academic exam takers.

4) Using the incorrect form of tenses:

When the students have to describe something they often use present continuous tense instead of present simple tense. Such grammatical errors are not overlooked by PTE Academic examiners. You should make sure you use both past and future tense to describe a situation as in what had happened in the past and what may happen in the future.

5) You use too many pauses, repetitions, hesitations and false starts:

To score well in PTE Academic exam an aspirant has to have a perfect oral fluency. Oral fluency helps you to speak without any pause or hesitation. You tend not to repeat any words to make your speech boring and hence it yields you good marks in the examination. A false start may make your speech less interesting. So practice speaking activities as much as possible to avoid speaking with pauses and repetitions.

The above-mentioned mistakes will not only cause difficulty for you in passing the PTE Exam but also will cause the bad spoken/written English effects, which you obviously don’t want. So, just avoid making these faults to flawlessly clear your PTE Academic test.

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One should not be depressed by just one defeat of scoring low marks in the PTE exam but instead, try to rectify yourselves in order to perform better next time

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