PTE Exam Preparation Time, Things to Carry and Final Exam tips

PTE Exam: Preparation Time, Things to Carry and Final Exam tips

PTE is evolving to be one of the best English proficiency tests at the moment. This examination is administered by the Pearson English group. It is gaining success in the field of all other proficiency tests which enables a student to take admission abroad. PTE examination ensures a good future for your career if you choose it.

So, here’s everything  you need to know before you sit in the exam – (more…)

Smart Tips to Crack PTE Writing and Speaking Section

Smart Tips to Crack PTE Writing and Speaking Section

Various foreign universities use PTE score to analyze your abilities in the English language. The PTE academic test has four modules, consisting of listening, writing, reading and speaking. Scoring in the reading and listening section is far easier than scoring in the speaking and writing section. You need to be extra careful and have full grip  while you are solving the writing and speaking section during the test. After successfully solving in both section, you will crack PTE exam easily. (more…)

Fill in the Blanks - PTE Reading

PTE Reading Section Tips: How to Master ‘Fill in the Blanks’ Part?

PTE English examination is divided into four parts, namely – reading, listening, speaking and writing assessments. The ‘Fill in the Blanks’ section of the PTE reading test is a bit tough to acquire full marks on it.

In this portion, the aspirants would see some blank boxes which consist of the missing words. The students have to intelligently choose the correct word from this box and have to make the sentence complete. Though this fill in the blanks may appear to be simple but understanding its content is a bit difficult. (more…)

65+ score in PTE Exam

How to Get 65+ in PTE Academic within One Month of Preparation

As you all know that PTE is a computer based English language skill test for the non-native English speakers who want to continue their studies abroad. One has to strive hard and the people who have made a real hard work can achieve it. But without just only hard work, one can do smart work and can achieve 65+ in PTE academics.

By working on the smart way you can get 65+ in PTE academic within one month of preparation. Here we discuss how about it. (more…)


How is PTE Academic better than from TOEFL and IELTS?

In the past, there were only two common language proficiency test for English which were known as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

But in the year 2009, another English language proficiency test was introduced by the US publishing house known as the Pearson Test of English, Academic (PTE Academic). (more…)

Quick Tips for Getting the Best marks in Each Section of PTE Exam

Quick Tips for Getting the Best marks in Each Section of PTE Exam

In current era, examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL are known to all. Giving both of them a tough competition Pearson Test of English (PTE) is emerging at its own pace and gaining popularity as a reputable and effective examination of English proficiency. The evaluation and assessment of speaking, writing, reading and listening skills are done by PTE. The GMGC which is the owner of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) has been endorsing PTE. (more…)