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How To Pass Reading Skill Test for PTE Exam – Best PTE Reading Tips

To read fluently an individual has to develop his/her focus, speed, understanding the context and understanding vocabulary of the passage one is reading. One needs to develop these skills altogether at the same time while reading a passage.

To improve one’s reading skill test for the PTE Exam one is advised to follow t-78+he following tips for improvement.

PTE Reading tips

The PTE reading skill test is taken in five sections:

To do well in MCQs where you choose a single answer and also for MCQs where you choose multiple answers:

  • You should try to understand the context of the passage and pick out the words that are repeated to answer correctly.
  • You should eliminate words such as sometimes, always, never, often, etc. As there is no negative marking in this test so you should answer all the questions. But in the case of multiple answers, if you get one point for one correct answer and -1 for the other wrong answer, then avoid answering the question as it won’t fetch you marks at all. It maybe just has two answers as options do not try to answer it with three options.
  • Try to eliminate to get the correct answer easily.
  • One should always read the question before reading the passage and the answer the questions. This helps you to know what to search for in the passage.
  • Around 60% answers are always found either in the first two or in the last two lines of the passage.
  • One should remember the information while reading it.
  • Try to paraphrase the reading passage so you can answer more accurately.
  • You should not be distracted by any other kind of thoughts and you should only focus on understanding the given passage.

To do well in the Re-Ordering of the paragraphs:

  • You should always find the topic or the main context of the paragraph. Wherever you find the topic has been mentioned, this would be your first sentence like the topic sentence which is not dependent on the other sentences of the passage.
  • You should always keep a check on your grammatical errors.
  • You should keep a note of the sentences with pronouns. Eliminate these sentences as these would never come first in the passage.
  • You should focus on words such as however, but, though, also, moreover, besides, etc, which would never come first and are always related to another sentence which can be easily spotted in the passage.

To do well in the reading fill in the blanks section and reading and writing fill in the blanks section:

  • You should first understand the context and then start to answer.
  • You should always answer all the questions without fail.
  • Focus on the parts of speech given before and after the blanks which help you to acquire the missing words easily.
  • In maximum cases, the missing words are given as synonyms in the passage so while finding the correct answer try to paraphrase the passage. This will help you to answer the questions with a higher speed.

So, you must be fully-prepared for PTE Exam now?

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