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Why one should give PTE the Preference while planning to study in Australia?

Pearson Test of English is a standardized test which assesses a non-native English speakers’ proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking the language. On successfully passing the exam a student can acquire for himself immigration and student visa for studying abroad. Major countries like the U.K., the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and Canada accept PTE scores.

There are many standardized English language tests that have been around for quite a long time like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. But PTE happens to be the most popular English language proficiency test when it comes to studying in Australia nowadays.

The reasons are listed below:

Earlier Australian universities used to accept only IELTS scores. But for the last few years, they have started accepting PTE scores as well, making the test immensely popular with test-takers. The PTE exam has been skillfully designed and it assesses a candidate’s ability of listening, reading, writing and speaking English in an integrated way, making PTE more preferred over other tests.

  • PTE is conducted in over 150 centres all across the globe throughout the year. This makes it possible for the students to students to select their exam dates and timings according to their convenience.
  • One can take the test as many times as he wants, getting ample chances to analyze his mistakes and better his scores.
  • The candidates are marked based on predetermined rules. Most importantly, no human examiners are involved while marking the candidates. They are marked by an efficient automated software system leaving no scope for impartial and subjective marking. This makes PTE a huge favourite with the students.
  • Moreover, the results of the test are available fairly quickly- within 5 official days or even earlier. This enables a candidate to send his scores to his preferred universities or to the immigration centre without wasting much time.
  • Also, the PR procedure for candidates planning to settle down in Australia on Permanent Resident Visa has been accelerated. This is a major reason behind students choosing PTE exam over other exams while planning to study in Australia.
  • No ambiguous questions are asked in the PTE exams. Unlike IELTS, questions based on local dialects which might confuse the students are not set in the exam, much to the relief of the non-native English speakers.
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  • Students with financial constraints can obtain a PTE voucher with a code. On applying that code students are entitled to a considerable amount of discount which makes life easier for them.
  • Most importantly, PTE is considerably easier than other exams which enable the students to obtain their desired scores in their first few attempts. Thus, their dreams of studying in Australia are realized fairly quickly.

All the reasons, stated above, serve as the gateway to an educational journey in Australia for the students. Aren’t you thinking to give your career new heights? Then why not booking for Pearson PTE Exam?

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