Smart Tips to Crack PTE Writing and Speaking Section

Smart Tips to Crack PTE Writing and Speaking Section

Various foreign universities use PTE score to analyze your abilities in the English language. The PTE academic test has four modules, consisting of listening, writing, reading and speaking. Scoring in the reading and listening section is far easier than scoring in the speaking and writing section. You need to be extra careful and have full grip  while you are solving the writing and speaking section during the test. After successfully solving in both section, you will crack PTE exam easily.

Here are some of the smart tips which will help you to score well in the PTE writing and PTE speaking section.

Smart Tips to crack PTE Writing Section:

  • You should master your vocabulary skills by having your own list of new words while you practice at home.
  • Avoid having any grammatical errors while you are writing your answers. Practice grammar regularly and try to acquire ample knowledge on the various rules that we follow in English grammar.
  • Ensure you are using the correct spelling while you are solving the writing section.
  • Ensure the correct usage of punctuation marks. Avoid using unnecessary capitalization, full stops, and commas where it is not required in the sentences.
  • Try to write your answers within the word limit that are given in the question. Writing too much would never fetch you more marks. Focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity.
  • Think before you start writing. Plan well and then write. This will avoid you from making silly mistakes. Always revise and proofread after writing an answer or an essay. Thoroughly check for grammatical and spelling errors and immediately correct them.
  • While solving the essay portion in the writing section, make sure you organize your thoughts well and the essay is written within a word limit of 200 to 300 words. The sentences in the essay should have a link with each other clearly presenting your thought process.
  • Before you start writing the examination, always read the instructions given in the question paper and follow them word by word to score well.

Smart Tips to crack PTE Speaking Section:

  • Always develop your fluency in the English language. Have a grip on the language properly.
  • Always speak spontaneously with a clear and calm tone.
  • While retelling lecture you should always speak about the key points of the topic.
  • Avoid being silent for more than 3 seconds as the microphone stops recording your voice and it would lead you to have poor marks in the speaking section.
  • Ensure that you hear the questions carefully and answer the short questions with the key points within the time limit of 10 seconds.
  • For describing the images section you should carefully identify the types of images and describe them as minutely as possible.

This above mentioned tips will help you to score well in PTE writing and speaking section. Buy PTE Voucher Code here and avail free discount!