Fill in the Blanks - PTE Reading

PTE Reading Section Tips: How to Master ‘Fill in the Blanks’ Part?

PTE English examination is divided into four parts, namely – reading, listening, speaking and writing assessments. The ‘Fill in the Blanks’ section of the PTE reading test is a bit tough to acquire full marks on it.

In this portion, the aspirants would see some blank boxes which consist of the missing words. The students have to intelligently choose the correct word from this box and have to make the sentence complete. Though this fill in the blanks may appear to be simple but understanding its content is a bit difficult.

The students taking this test should master their grammatical skills which would help them to choose the correct words. Scoring in this section is easy and the section may fetch you full marks.

Here are few tips which would help you to master the reading section of PTE.

1. Improve Your Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary skills is essential for you to score in this section of ‘fill in the blanks’. You should keep reading all types of academic articles and topics which would help you to gain more knowledge of new words. Whenever you come across a new word, just note it down and find its meaning from the Oxford Dictionary. This way creates your known personal vocabulary list. You should have a strong academic vocabulary to excel in this test,

2. Improve Your Reading Skills:

Make it a habit of reading the newspaper daily. You should slowly increase the speed of your reading and try to comprehend whatever you read. You should be able to grasp the main idea at once, of the text which you are reading.

You need to read like a machine where you would be comfortable enough to summarize instantly the text that you have read. This enables you to solve this section of reading skills much faster. This also helps you to improve your summarizing skills which are also a vital aspect of the PTE examination. You should follow different tips to pass reading skill test for PTE Exam

3. Learn Collocations and Expressions:

You should have full knowledge of various collocations, common expressions, and idioms which are present in the English language. You should learn up the PTE collocations list thoroughly. You should also know which preposition is used after which common nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

4. Improve your Grammatical Skills and Parts of Speech:

You should improve your grammatical skills thoroughly. You should have full knowledge of the various parts of speech like you should be able to identify a noun or a verb or an adjective etc.

Follow the grammatical rules stated below:

  • You should be aware of the order of a grammatically correct sentence, i.e. Subject + verb + object.
  • You should know and can differentiate between countable and uncountable nouns. You should also know which article to be put before a countable noun and what would be its plural form.
  • You should know that an uncountable noun cannot have ‘a’ or ‘an’ but can only have the article ‘the’ before it.
  • Improve your knowledge of the subject-verb agreement. E.g. For a singular noun, the tense of the verb would also be singular.
  • If you really want to master your grammatical skill then you should learn to change a word from a verb to a noun to an adjective.

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